No to the 2017 Budget

The 2017 Federal budget was a a budget for millionaires and multinationals. The Liberal Government only cares about the top end of town.

The budget confirmed that the Liberal Government is choosing not to prioritise Central Victorian local schools, hospitals, workers and their families.

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This budget fails the jobs test with unemployment set to rise.  There is nothing in this budget to secure or create new jobs in Bendigo and Central Victoria.

The only people who will see better days from this Budget are big business and the well-off. Someone on a million dollars will pay $16,400 less tax this year, while someone earning $65,000 will pay $325 more tax in two years’ time.

The Federal Government cuts to education are just wrong.  Cuts to La Trobe University, Bendigo TAFE and school funding in the 2017 budget to pay for a $50 billion big business tax cut is simply out of touch with community expectations.

This is not the Australia we want.

Like previous Liberal budgets, this year’s will look after the top end of town by favouring the residents and businesses of inner city Sydney, rather than the people of Bendigo and Central Victoria.

When it comes to the big ticket budget items, all the local announcement are old money repackaged and renamed.

Last night's budget is a missed opportunity to invest and create good secure jobs across the Bendigo electorate.