Your Child. Our Future.

We know that our future prosperity as a nation rests on giving every child access to quality education. This means having world-class early learning centres and schools, a strong TAFE sector and accessible universities.

Labor’s positive plan for schools will implement the needs-based Gonski reforms on time and in full.

With Labor’s Your Child. Our Future needs-based funding plan, students in the Bendigo region will be given better targeted resources, better trained teachers, and more of the one-on-one support we know makes a real difference to learning outcomes.

Labor will reverse Malcolm Turnbull’s $200 million cuts to central Victorian schools and deliver targeted investment to make a real difference to local schools.

The Abbott-Turnbull Liberal Government 2014-2015 Budget has cut $2 billion worth of apprenticeship and skills support programs.

Labor recognises that the apprenticeship system is the backbone of our skilled trades and technical workforce, providing a valuable and rewarding career for millions of Australians.

It is also extremely important that we continue to oppose the Liberal Government’s proposal to deregulate the university sector.

This could see the cost of university degrees sky rocket into the $100,000s, this will hit regional campuses, such as LaTrobe University Bendigo, the hardest.

Labor has always been the party of educational opportunity. We see education as the great enabler that helps individuals achieve their full potential, gives our industries the knowledge and skills they need to innovate and become more productive, and promotes social mobility and social harmony.

I will continue to stand up for early childhood education, central Victoria’s schools and universities at Parliament.

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