NBN and Telecommunications

Have you experienced issues with the internet? Is your internet too slow? Angry when your internet cuts out just as you are about to submit a lengthy form?

Unfortunately you are not alone in the Bendigo electorate.

Whether it be in the heart of Bendigo, in the Woodend township or in a small town like Guildford, we are in the midst of a telecommunications crisis.

The fact is, current infrastructure cannot cope with demand.

Labor understands the big drivers of productivity are quality infrastructure, a skilled workforce and the ability to innovate and capture new opportunities. Few investments will bring our region a greater economic return than a quality broadband network.

I am proud that in Government, Labor started the rollout of fibre optics to every home in Australia, a real investment for our future. Yet Malcolm Turnbull's proposed broadband network will struggle to meet today’s needs let alone future needs.

I believe we must continue to invest and upgrade our vital telecommunication infrastructure.

I will continue to campaign for the full roll out of the National Broadband Network in the Bendigo electorate so our region has access to high speed internet that will see us grow and prosper.




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