No to the 2018 Budget

After five years of a Liberal Government, Australians know that we are no better off. It's harder to make ends meet, wages aren't keeping up, and services are being cut.

The Liberal's budget gives big business massive tax cuts while middle and working class people miss out on the services they rely on.

Central Victorians just can't trust the Liberal Government to deliver a fair budget.

Sign the petition and let Malcolm Turnbull know that his budget priorities mean that Central Victorians miss out.

The 2018 Federal Budget was a chance for Malcolm Turnbull to set out his priorities for the nation.  But it's an unfair Budget that shows Malcolm Turnbull has his priorities all wrong.

The Liberals can't find $17 billion to properly fund schools, but they can find $17 billion for a tax handout to the big banks.

Labor has a clear plan to bring the fair go back into the heart of our nation, and we are out every day fighting for it.  It's also a plan we can afford because we're not going to give big business an $80 billion tax handout.

Labor will reduce taxes for low and middle income earners and invest in schools and hospitals, and services Australians can rely on like Medicare, childcare and aged care.  We will always support decent wages.

Labor will always put people first.