Australia Post fails to rule out further job losses

Yesterday, during Senate Estimates in Federal Parliament, Australia Post failed to rule out further job losses in regional Australia as a result of proposed changes to the way mail is delivered in Australia.

“I am disappointed that when given the opportunity to rule out further jobs losses, Australia Post has refused,” said Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters. 

“I fear what the future holds for regional Australia Post employees.  It seems clear local jobs are under threat.  

“Last week, at a rally of postal workers here in Bendigo, the threat of job losses was their biggest concern.” 

During the discussion at Senate Estimates, Australia Post’s representatives confirmed modelling had been done on the impact the proposed changes will have on jobs - but stopped short of detailing what the modelling revealed. 

“Today, I am calling on the Minister for Communications, Malcom Turnbull, to rule out jobs losses in Bendigo and Central Victoria. 

“If Australia Post won’t, Minister Turnbull should.” 

Ms Chesters said it was also clear during the discussion that senior Australia Post management had no idea that Bendigo and Central Victoria had already experienced cuts in postal delivery services. 

“The change from next-day delivery to two-to-three day delivery for non-local mail has already affected local businesses and households across Central Victoria. 

“It’s alarming Australia Post is pushing for slower two-speed mail services without fully understanding the impact of previous changes to mail services in Bendigo and Central Victoria. 

Ms Chesters said the changes had potential to seriously disadvantage Bendigo families, businesses and the economy. 

“Australia Post is the lifeblood of rural and regional communities across Australia. Mail is already delivered more slowly in rural and regional Australia than it is in the cities. 

“I call on Minister Turnbull to rule out further local job losses and to prevent a situation where mail services in Bendigo are slower than Melbourne.”