Ballot for the ALP leadership

Federal Member Elect for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters today said she looked forward, for first time in the Labor Party's history, to Labor members having a say in electing the next leader of the Australian Labor Party.

"Politics matters to people in Bendigo. Recently many of them have felt a sense of disconnect between their lived experience and the focus, rhetoric and personalities of political parties."

"That is why the ballot for the ALP leadership is so important. It provides an opportunity for each member of the party to be an equal among peers, to vote on the leadership, and therefore, the direction, of our Party.".

"I am excited for the hundreds of local ALP members who will now, for the first time, have an opportunity to vote for who they believe should leader the Federal Labor Party.

"I wonder how Colin, who has been a member of the Bendigo ALP branch for decades, feels. After decades of local activism, attending branch meetings and contributing to policy development, Colin will receive a ballot paper for the Labor leadership, just like me."

"This ballot should be a contest of ideas, policies and commitments to our future, both as a party and as a nation."

"I believe in the Labor movement, one built on ideas and policies focussed on improving the living and working conditions of all Australians.”

"If the Labor movement can make someone more comfortable, give parents hope for their children and provide even the most vulnerable in our society with dignity, then the Labor movement will have achieved its goals and justified its existence."

Nominations for the ALP Leadership will close today (Friday 20th September). The result will be announced on October 13 after a postal ballot of Labor's estimated 40,000 members and an October 10 caucus meeting.