Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters MP is visiting the Golden Square Goodstart Early Learning Centre today to talk to concerned childhood educators and families about the impact of the Liberal’s childcare activity test.

With less than one week left until the new child care regime takes effect, time is running out for the 279,000 families who will be worse off under Malcolm Turnbull’s changes.

“Labor has long held concerns over Malcolm Turnbull’s new activity test and the impact this will have on vulnerable families, and children’s access to early learning.

“The activity test will impact over a thousand Bendigo electorate low income families. It means local kids will miss out on accessing early childhood education because of who their parents are.

“When it comes to access to affordable and quality early childhood education there shouldn’t be winners and losers. Every child regardless of their parent’s capacity should have access to early childhood education,” Ms Chesters said.

The Turnbull Government confirmed there are still more than 275,000 families who are yet to sign up to its unfair child care package. This is over 23 per cent - or around 1 in 4 families.

“What will happen to the families who don't register with MyGov on 2 July? Will they have their payments cut off in two weeks? We already know the new system will leave one in four families worse off - but it seems likely the true number will be much higher.

“I strongly urge all families to talk to their Early Learning Centres’ Directors today to ensure they are ready for the changes starting on 1 July.

“If the Liberals were serious about supporting Central Victorian families they wouldn’t exclude the most vulnerable and disadvantaged from accessing early childhood education and care,” Ms Chesters said.