Bendigo MP calls on the Federal Government to commit funding to Bendigo’s new dragon, Dai Gum Loong

After last week’s exciting State Labor Government’s Bendigo Dragons funding announcement, Federal Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters MP is calling on the Federal Liberal Government to also make a similar funding announcement. 

Ms Chesters has welcomed the support from the State Labor Government and now wants answers as to why the Federal Liberal Government won’t do the same.

“The State Labor Government contribution is a fantastic boost to the golden Dragon fundraising campaign”.

“Now it’s time for the Federal Liberal Government to pitch in as they are the final funding commitment required. It’s time they committed to our much loved iconic Bendigo dragons”.

“This decision is about priorities. If the Liberals truly Believe in Bendigo, Malcom Turnbull and his Liberal Government would at the very least match State Labor’s announcement”.

Bendigo Labor MPs know how critical it is for Government to commit funding to our Bendigo’s Chinese dragons and as a result both State and Federal Labor are on board.

“Before the last Federal election, I and Federal Labor committed $400,000 for Bendigo Dragons and the Golden Dragon Museum”.

“Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberal Government should make a similar funding commitment as Bendigo’s dragons are a crucial part of Bendigo community’s sense of spirit and character”.

“The traditions of the Bendigo Chinese community have become an important part of Bendigo’s heritage and sense of identity and it’s vital this continues into the future.”

“The Federal Liberal Government must help to keep this Bendigo icon alive. The dragons not only have a special place in the Bendigo community, but also hold cultural significance for Australia”.

“Each year Sun Loong is the major highlight of the Easter Festival’s gala street parade with generations of local families and visitors lining the streets each and every year”.

“I again call on Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberal Government to commit to funding Bendigo’s new Chinese dragon, Dai Gum Loong. ”


Bendigo is home to Loong, the oldest Chinese Imperial Dragon in the world, and Sun Loong, the longest and the only intact Chinese Imperial dragon still annually paraded in the world. The dragons are not only significant cultural items to Australia but hold a unique place on the global stage.

The Sun Loong is in need of urgent restoration. An extensive examination was undertaken in December 2015 in order to ascertain Sun Loong’s conservation needs. Numerous issues were found and it was determined he be restored and preserved, displayed at the golden Dragon Museum and his story and strength secured for future generations.

To ensure the legacy of a Bendigo dragon, the Bendigo Chinese Assoication is seeking to purchase a new dragon, Dai Gum Loong. The Golden Dragon Museum recently launched a funding campaign to raise $250,000 to restore the ageing Sun Loong and $500,000 to buy a new dragon, Dai Gum Loong.