Bendigo says no GP tax

Tony Abbott was today sent a strong message from the people of Bendigo – hands off Medicare.

Shadow Minister for Health Catherine King MP and Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters MP today joined the people of Bendigo at their “Save Medicare Community Action Day”.

Ms King said the rally showed Australians strongly support Medicare, and reject Tony Abbott’s GP Tax, hospital cuts and medicine price hikes.

“Australians passionately support Medicare and won’t tolerate Tony Abbott’s attempt to wreck universal access to healthcare,” Ms King said.

“The message in Bendigo today is the same one Tony Abbott is getting from health experts and professionals, voters, and even his own backbench – scrap the GP Tax and end your attacks on Medicare.

“The GP Tax is bad for patients, bad for healthcare and bad for the Budget.”

Ms Chesters says the people of Bendigo have rejected outright Tony Abbott’s attacks on Medicare.

“The people of Bendigo believe all Australians should get the healthcare they need, not just the healthcare they can afford,” Ms Chesters said.

“They know the GP Tax will be a disaster for towns like Bendigo, stopping pensioners, low income families and the chronically ill from seeing their GP.

“It will drive more people into our already stressed Bendigo Health Public Hospital, and lead to even worse health outcomes and budget strains.

"This is why Labor will fight the GP Tax and why the people of Bendigo are saying no to Tony Abbott’s assault on Medicare.”