Bendigo to mark inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Bendigo will celebrate its ambitious, successful and entrepreneurial women on November 19.

Lisa Chesters MP and Bendigo Business Council will host a morning tea for the inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a global movement in support of female innovators and small start-up business owners.

Founder of the International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry, Diana Abruzzi, will speak at the event.

Ms Chesters said there were many women around the region creating start-up businesses in their own home.

“This is a way to acknowledge their work, and say thank you and well done,” she said.

“It also hopefully encourages those out there who may have a great idea, but lack the confidence to start a business, to have a go.”

Bendigo Business Council CEO Leah Sertori congratulated Ms Chesters for the initiative.

“The Business Council is delighted to get behind this opportunity to showcase women as entrepreneurs. Our region has a proud history of successful companies founded by women, including Fernwood Fitness and Jimmy Possum, both of which grew into nationally renowned enterprise.

“Bendigo Business Council is delighted to support the event, to shine a light on local entrepreneurs and to celebrate their creativity, commercial acumen and resilience.”

Local mum, nurse and entrepreneur Deb Herdman brought Women’s Entrepreneurship Day to Ms Chesters’ attention. Ms Herdman has created Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head, a baby sleep system that nurtures children into deep sleep.

“Currently I wear many different hats - mother, nurse, entrepreneur, business woman, sleep consultant and writer,” she said.

“The entrepreneur journey has been incredible to say the least.

“It is wonderful to celebrate this day and bring to attention the number of entrepreneurial women who live in Bendigo.”

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is a worldwide movement in support of females on every continent. For more information, see