Better Care for Kids with Cancer and People with Metastatic Cancer in Bendigo

Labor’s plan to fund nine Camp Quality Family Liaison Coordinators around Australia including one in Bendigo, will benefit children battling childhood cancer and their families.

Bendigo will also benefit from Labor’s plan to fund 24 metastatic cancer nurses around Australia, boosting care and support for locals who face this awful diagnosis. 

Metastatic cancer is the stage at which the disease spreads beyond a primary tumour site to other parts of the body – such as breast cancer that has spread to the bones, liver or lungs. It is incurable.

Surveys by the Breast Cancer Network Australia and other groups have shown that people with metastatic cancer and their families face unique challenges and need specialised services and supports. 

That’s why a Shorten Labor Government will fund 24 metastatic cancer nurses around Australia – including Bendigo.

Bendigo Hospital has been identified as one of the first 24 hospitals that will be funded to employ a dedicated metastatic cancer nurse – meaning locals will benefit from Labor’s investment from mid-2020. 

Cancer is daunting at any age, but it is particularly challenging when diagnosed in children. Children in Bendigo who are battling this insidious disease deserve the best possible care and support.

That’s why a Shorten Labor Government will invest $3.7 million to fund nine extra Camp Quality Family Liaison Coordinators around Australia – including one at the Bendigo Hospital.

Children who are being treated for cancer often spend 6-12 months in hospital. Navigating the complex health system and returning home after treatment is a daunting experience for children and their families. 

Camp Quality currently employs Coordinators in seven metropolitan hospitals to help families during treatment and as they return home. Labor’s commitment will expand this to an additional nine regional and rural locations – including Bendigo.

“None of us wants to imagine the fear and helplessness that comes with having a child or another family member diagnosed with cancer”, said Lisa Chesters, Federal Member for Bendigo.

“The placement of a Camp Quality Family Liaison Coordinator in Bendigo will be a huge boost for children across Central Victoria who are in a fight beyond their years.”

“Equally, the placement of a metastatic cancer nurse at Bendigo will help provide some comfort to locals who face this unimaginable challenge”.

“This is the practical help and support people with cancer and their families need when facing this insidious disease,” said Ms Chesters.

“Today’s announcement in Bendigo is another part of Labor’s $2.3 billion Medicare Cancer Plan”, said Shadow Minister for Health and Medicare Catherine King. 

“Our plan includes cheaper scans, cheaper specialist consultations, cheaper medicines – and better support for children and families who face this unimaginable challenge.”

The Medicare Cancer Plan will cover an additional 2,000 appointments a day – three million specialist consultations with no out-of-pocket costs.

Every MRI machine, in every postcode, will be eligible for Medicare-funded cancer scans.

And out-of-pocket costs for CT scans, x-rays, mammograms and PET scans will slashed, with up to six million free scans.
For more details on Labor’s Medicare Cancer Plan, see our website.

Only Labor will reverse the Liberals’ cuts to health, address rising out-of-pocket costs, and fund the best care and support for Australians with cancer – including in Central Victoria.