Big Four Banks Turn Their Backs on Bendigo

Federal Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters has raised concerns that the big four banks are neglecting regional areas, following the announcement of another branch closure in Bendigo.  

"For years the banks have put profits ahead of people, especially in regional areas, and now is the time for that to stop."

“Online banking isn’t an option for a lot of residents in the Bendigo area - our community shouldn’t be missing out on essential services so the banks can protect their profits,” Chesters said.  

The Kangaroo Flat Commonwealth Bank branch recently announced its closure, just weeks after the Kangaroo Flat Westpac branch made the same announcement.

“NAB in Eaglehawk closed late last year, what’s next?”

“It’s not just customers who are affected here, locals are losing their jobs,” Chesters said.

“The big four banks are turning their backs on Bendigo, this is just another example of them letting down our community.”

"In some local areas, the only way to access banking services is at the post office."

"Post offices were never built to be banks and many people have security concerns handling large transactions."

“Thousands of Australians have suffered at the hands of dodgy bank practices and we’re now seeing the impact on Bendigo.”

Scott Morrison never wanted the Royal Commission – he voted against it 26 times. He described it as a ‘populist whinge’, a ‘reckless distraction’ and a ‘QC’s complaints desk’.

For 600 days, while Labor pushed for this Royal Commission, the Liberals fought for the banks to get a $17b tax handout. Now his government is deliberately going slow on the implementation of its recommendations.

“The Liberals have shown they cannot be trusted to clean up the banks. They are too out of touch and only stand up for the top end of town.”

The Royal Commission’s report shows that on too many occasions, the pursuit of profit was put ahead of people, ethics and the law.