Budget a “shocker”: Chesters

Central Victorian people have been hit with a Budget of broken promises, cruel cuts and unfair increases in the cost of living.

Lisa Chesters MP says the Budget shows Tony Abbott and his Liberal Government do not care about nor represent the people of Bendigo and central Victoria.

“Some key local projects like the Ravenswood interchange have been funded but it doesn’t make up for all the other harsh cuts and tax increases,” she says.

“This Budget is designed to tear down what makes our community strong.

“It’s reducing funding to the organisations that keep our community going, making it more expensive to access basic healthcare and a decent education, and increasing the cost of living through more taxes.

“It also is attacking the most vulnerable in our community – the Age Pensioners, the unemployed, families and the poor.”

In last night’s Budget, the Government announced:
- A GP tax of $7 for every visit
- The reintroduction of indexation for the fuel excise from August
- Tighter eligibilities and lower rates to family tax benefits A and B
- The increase of Newstart eligibility age to 24. Jobseekers under 30 will not be able to receive a payment for six months
- A debt tax for high-income earners

“More taxes, more cuts, more broken promises for Bendigo and central Victorians - that is Tony Abbott’s first Budget.”