Bust the Liberal’s Budget

HUNDREDS of people will take to Bendigo’s streets in opposition to the Liberal Government’s Budget on August 12.

Bendigo will host its own Bust the Budget rally, following on from similar rallies in major cities around Australia.

The rally will commence at the Bendigo Trades Hall at 12pm and end at Liberal House in Bull Street.

Lisa Chesters MP encouraged members of the community to send a strong message to the Abbott Government that Bendigo will not accept this Budget.

“The Liberal Government’s first Budget is a Budget that attacks the most vulnerable in our community – age pensioners, the sick, the unemployed, families and the poor,” she said.

“However, a lot of the controversial measures found in the Budget still haven’t been legislated.

“The new Senate is yet to vote on these cruel budget measures.

“This rally is our opportunity to show the Abbott Government and the Senate cross-benchers that the Abbott Government’s blueprint for Australia is not the Australia we want.”

Jacinta Allan said central Victorians already know what it is like to suffer under Liberal Government cuts.

“Tony Abbott has watched Denis Napthine take the axe to school, hospital and TAFE budgets and copied his approach because that it is the Liberal way,” she said.

“Liberal candidate Greg Bickley wanted to be Tony Abbott's man in Bendigo and has refused to stand up for Bendigo against savage Liberal cuts.

“Greg Bickley can attempt another big advertising spend up to cover up these Liberal cuts but I will continue to fight for the key things that matter to families and workers."

Maree Edwards said there is not much difference between the Federal Liberals and the State Liberals.

“They are cut from the same cloth; tarred with the same brush,” she said.

“After two Coalition Budgets there is absolutely no doubt that under a Liberal government, State or Federal, if you are young, if you are a student, if you are old, if you are disabled, if you are sick, if you are a family struggling to make ends meet -- in fact, if you are anyone at all -- you are on your own.”