Calder should be top of government agenda

Last weekend’s tragic fatality at the Fogartys Gap Road/Calder Highway intersection and near miss at Ravenswood interchange highlights the need for serious works on the Calder Highway.

Lisa Chesters MP wrote to Minister for Infrastructure Warren Truss today requesting the release of $45 million of funding to upgrade the Ravenswood intersection in the 2014 budget in May.

The funding was committed by both major parties in the lead up to last year’s election.

“The intersection has been earmarked for an $86 million redevelopment to be jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Victorian governments,” Ms Chesters said.

“I have written to the Minister and asked him whether this funding will be made available in the May budget.

“I also said that the Coalition Government must also consider funding other much-needed upgrades.

“Sections of the Calder are becoming more and more unsafe.

“Particular junctions like at Kyneton, Ravenswood, and Fogartys Gap Road in Harcourt are dangerous and notorious for accidents.”

Ms Chesters said the latest incident at Harcourt North on Sunday showed just how essential these upgrades were.

“Some parts of the Calder Highway are of freeway standard, but other sections are well below the standard necessary for such a significant road,” she said.

“This is an issue that requires coordination and prioritisation by all levels of government.”