Call on community to assist new dragon purchase

Lisa Chesters MP has kickstarted the Golden Dragon Museum’s new dragon campaign by buying a scale.

The Golden Dragon Museum recently launched a funding campaign to raise $250,000 to restore the ageing Sun Loong and $500,000 to buy a new dragon, Dai Gum Loong.

Lisa Chesters MP said she contributed to the campaign because Easter in Bendigo won’t be the same without the dragons.

“Sun Loong is the world’s longest Chinese imperial dragon and is a critical element of the Bendigo Easter Festival. This could be Sun Loong’s last solo Easter Parade.

“Each year Sun Loong is the major highlight of the Festival’s gala street parade with generations of local families and visitors lining the streets each and every year.

“I have been part of the procession at Easter for the past few years and that I look forward to being part of it again this week.

“Bendigo and its annual Easter Festival just won't be the same without an imperial dragon – and that is what will happen if the Bendigo Chinese Association cannot raise enough funds to replace Sun Loong.

Ms Chesters encouraged others to make a donation to keep the Bendigo icon alive.

“I encourage every Bendigonian to get behind this campaign. All donations are appreciated - it all goes towards keeping this tradition alive.

“We also need for local state and federal to chip in and partner with the community to help fund our new dragon.

“The rituals and traditions of the Chinese community in Bendigo have become an important part of Bendigo’s heritage and sense of identity and it’s vital this continues into the future.”

Donations can be made here -