Central Victoria needs the Federal Government to create jobs

Federal Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters MP today has condemned Malcom Turnbull and his Liberal Government for failing to create genuine job opportunities for Bendigo and Central Victorians job seekers.

The current Job-active caseload in the Bendigo region is above 5800 people. Yet, according to Seek there are currently only around 390 full time job ads for the Bendigo region as of today.

"The crisis is that there just aren't enough local jobs. Less than 400 jobs for close to 6000 job seekers. This is a jobs crisis.

"Too many older job seekers, parents, carers and younger Central Victorians are struggling to get back into paid work after becoming unemployed or taking time out of the workforce for study or caring responsibilities.

At a recent Centrelink, Job agencies and Jobs Forum held participants said that they are angry and frustrated as some had applied for 100 jobs but not getting any responses.

"I've met with lots of local job seekers with fantastic resumes and yet they can't find any work in their field.

“The truth is the Federal Liberal Government is failing to create genuine jobs for Central Victorians and instead forcing them to participate in failing jobs and training programs.

The Liberal Government continues to blame job seekers instead of looking at their own record on unemployment and failing jobs programs. An example of a failing program is the Government's Work for the Dole as it doesn’t get people into work. Almost 90 per cent of participants still don’t have a full time job three months after going through Work for the Dole.

“I believe in mutual obligation requirements for Newstart recipients but this Government's version of "mutual obligations" is cruel, heavy handed and not working.

Ms Chesters said that the Federal Government legislature proposals before Parliament seeks to punish all job seekers.

"Work for the dole, drug testing welfare recipients - all language and programs is aimed to demonise job seekers when anyone of us could lose their job and be looking for work tomorrow.

"The Federal Government must take responsibility for their role – they need to create jobs and provide real job opportunities starting with 5000 across Central Victoria.

"We have thousands of skilled locals actively looking for work and who want to work but there just aren't enough jobs.
"It's time the Liberal Government stopped punishing job seekers and started to work with local industry to create jobs locals can count on,” said Ms Chesters.