Central Victoria petition Government for NBN

THE central Victorian community is sending a clear message to the Federal Coalition Government – we want the NBN.

Several community members today presented a petition to Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters, with signatures from all over central Victoria.

Over 250,000 people nationwide have signed the petition online or in person.

Ms Chesters said local families and businesses deserve access to super-fast fibre broadband.

“It is clear from this that people want the National Broadband Network,” she said.

“So much of our lives are now online.

“Central Victorians are currently being held back by inferior internet connections and it will continue to get worse under the Coalition Government’s proposed broadband network.

“The proposed network will not be able to meet today's needs let alone future needs.

"Telecommunications infrastructure is like roads. With more 'users', traffic builds up and slows you down.

“That's why we must continue to invest and upgrade this vital infrastructure."

Ms Chesters said central Victorian businesses would also suffer under the Coalition Government’s plan.

"Ultimately, Mr Abbott’s broadband will cost country jobs and make it harder to do business in Bendigo and central Victoria,” she said.

Ms Chesters said it was concerning that regions previously on the NBN Co. roll out maps were being removed.

“Parts of Bendigo electorate which were set to get the NBN are now disappearing from the map on the NBN Co website,” she said.

“This is extremely concerning for people in these areas.

“There has been silence from the Government on this issue and no consultation with the people it will affect.”