Central Victorian families will be better off under Labor

Today, the Morrison Government’s childcare subsidy changes come into effect, but 74 percent of Central Victorian families won’t benefit at all.

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters says Labor’s plan will benefit four times as many families as the Liberal’s have.

“Only Labor has a plan to put an end to out of control fees, which are up 39 per cent under the Liberals,” Chesters said.

“As a parent with a child in care, I know how expensive fees can get and how difficult the system can be to navigate.

“On the surface, today’s changes sound positive, but the truth is they won’t help many families.

“The cost of early childhood education is more expensive than primary school.

“Access to early learning should be universal. We know that these are some of the most important years for development.”

Today’s changes mean if a family has a combined income under $354,305 or has more than one child aged 5 or under in childcare, they will have their CCS rate increased by 30 per cent (to a max of 95 per cent) for their second child and any younger children in childcare at the same time.

If you have one child in childcare, the Morrison Government has not increased your subsidy at all.

Australians pay some of the highest childcare costs in the world and under the Liberal Government fees have increased by more than 35%.

Before COVID, fees across Bendigo had skyrocketed by 4.2% in 12 months.

In Heathcote, Castlemaine and Kyneton, fees have increased by 4.5%.

Parents need a real plan to tackle skyrocketing out of pocket childcare costs - not the Liberals’ broken system that Scott Morrison continues to cling on to.