Central Victorian parents want Government to commit to school reforms

Lisa Chesters MP will meet on Friday with parents of students on the autism spectrum concerned about the Coalition Government’s silence on the Better Schools program.

Under Labor’s school reforms, students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties would be identified as having a disability for the purposes of providing additional funding support for schools.

Ms Chesters said the Coalition Government’s backflips and recent silence on the Better Schools reforms made for a nervous return to school for some families.

“In Victoria, students with dyslexia and with “high-functioning” autism rarely meet disability-funding criteria or qualify for extra assistance,” she said.

“That's why the former Labor Government announced that the level of funding for students with learning difficulties would include all students on the autism spectrum.

“This long-overdue commitment was welcomed by central Victorian families like the ones I am meeting with on Friday.

“But now we just don't know if the current Government will honour the former Labor Government's commitment to the Better Schools program.

 “There has been silence on the issue from the Coalition Government.”

Ms Chesters said central Victoria and Bendigo’s school system was in crisis and in desperate need of the reforms.

“Our schools need this funding - we have a school system in crisis.

“Tony Abbott and the Coalition Government just don't understand our education system and the funding required to ensure all students receive a great education.”