Central Victorian Workers and Businesses Left Without Support and Without a Plan

While Scott Morrison likes to talk about opening up our economy, for many workers and businesses in Bendigo and Central Victoria, the battle for survival is stronger than ever.


The government’s announcement last week that they will be ending support payments for businesses and workers could do further damage to Bendigo and Central Victorian’s who may be left with no work and no Federal support. 


Hitting 70 per cent does not mean people automatically get their jobs or their hours back. 


Not only will there be no support, Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg have no plan for recovery in Bendigo and Central Victoria.   


For much of 2020 and 2021, Bendigo and Central Victorian businesses have been heavily impacted by restrictions limiting densities and movement across the state, with little to no financial support from the Federal government. 


Labor has been calling on the Federal Government to provide a nationwide plan for business, with many across Central Victorian still impacted by restrictions that have buckled sectors like tourism, events and hospitality. 


Local hospitality businesses like Shedshaker in Castlemaine have been left behind by a government that is more than happy to turn their backs on small business, time after time.  


If only the Liberals and Nationals were as quick to roll out vaccines and build fit-for-purpose quarantine as they have been to cut support. 


It is irresponsible to cut off vital support payments without a plan for economic recovery. 


While Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg are more than happy to spruik the success of JobKeeper, it will all be for nothing if businesses in Bendigo and Central Victoria don’t survive until Christmas. 


Now, more than ever, working Australians need and deserve a Government that has a plan for recovery. They need a government that is on their side.