Central Victorian workers will pay less tax under Labor

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters MP, today said that vast majority of Central Victorian workers will pay less tax and therefore be better off under Labor.

With the axing of the budget repair levy on high income earners and an increase to the Medicare levy to every worker earning over $21,655 in this year’s Federal Budget, one issue dominating debate in Parliament is who gets a tax cut and who gets a tax increase. 

"Let’s be clear – Malcolm Turnbull’s Budget gives millionaires a tax cut while making ten million Australians pay more – that’s just not fair.

"One thing Central Victorians know about Malcolm Turnbull is that he will always look after the top end of town.

"Labor’s position on the Medicare Levy and income tax is fairer and it’s better for the budget.

"Under Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberal Government's plan, millionaires get a tax cut while someone earning $60,000 pays $300 more tax.

"Under Labor’s fairer alternative, over 80% of Central Victorians are protected from a tax increase and the federal budget is $4.5 billion better off over the next decade.

"In the Bendigo electorate, over 80% of workers earn less than $87,000.  Under Labor these local workers will not receive a tax increase.

"A Labor Government will protect 10 million working Australians from Turnbull’s higher taxes.

"I know from talking to Central Victorian workers that things are tough and that your weekly wage is not stretching as far. Cost of living is increasing at rates higher than wages increase.

“A nurse earning $70,000 will pay $350 more tax per year under the Liberal’s tax plan, whilst someone earning $500,000 will get a tax cut of $6,400.

"It's just not fair that low and middle income workers should be asked to pay more in tax whilst millionaires and people who are in the top tax bracket receive a tax cut.

"When it comes to income tax, there is a clear difference between Labor and Liberal. Only Labor will stand up for a fair income tax system that will benefit the vast majority of Central Victorian workers,” said Ms Chesters.