Central Victorians Bear the Brunt of Morrison's Uni Cuts

Federal Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters MP has raised concerns for Bendigo’s LaTrobe Uni due to the Coalition Government’s freeze on university places.

“Uni classes resume this week, but more students could be attending if it wasn’t for the Government’s cuts to university.

“For many Central Victorians, the cap on University places puts higher education out of reach.

“Regional universities including LaTrobe continue to bear the brunt of Scott Morrison’s unfair cap on uni places,” Chesters said.

Under a Labor Government, there would have been more than 1,000 extra students (1,072) in Bendigo getting the opportunity of a world-class university education.

Because of the Liberals’ cuts – La Trobe Uni has lost $81 million over four years (2018 -21).

When Labor was last in office, we lifted the caps on the number of uni places opening the door hundreds of students around the country to access higher education.

In Bendigo, 25.5% of people have a university degree compared to 60.6% in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

“The Government’s cap prevents regional universities like LaTrobe from growing - blocking access to uni for prospective students across Central Victoria,” Chesters said.

“Regional students are the first hit by the Liberals’ cuts and now students are faced with having to pay back their degrees faster because of the lowering of the HECS repayment threshold from 52,000 – 45,000 last year. 

Labor understands the importance of higher education to create long-term economic prosperity for Australia and move the nation forward. 

“It is important that universities like LaTrobe continue to service regional areas and until the cap is lifted, the future of our local university is in jeopardy.”