Today, Federal Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters said that Scott Morrison will be bad for Bendigo and Central Victoria, given his track record over the last five years as Minister for Immigration, Minister Social Services and then Treasurer.

“As Social Services Minister Scott Morrison cut the pensions of almost 330,000 low income pensioners - 90,000 of whom lost their pensions entirely,” Ms Chesters said.


He also pushed for the pension age to be increased to 70.


“Morrison also cut jobs at Centrelink and continued to cause havoc with claim processing timeframes, basic phone wait times and deteriorating support.


“As Immigration Minister he made it easier for companies to hire 457 visa temporary overseas workers by stripping away safeguards like labour market testing.


“One aspect of the old 457 visa requirements is that companies must first test the local labour market to ensure there is no suitably qualified and experienced Australian citizen, or permanent resident, to fill that position. Scott Morrison said this vital safeguard was red tape,” Ms Chesters said.


You might think he hasn’t done much as Treasurer – but that’s not true, he’s done plenty:

  • Cut $17 billion from schools
  • Cut $700m from hospitals
  • Cut penalty rates


Morrison has given tax cuts of $28,000 a year to millionaires, while people earning less than $90,000 got $13 a week.


Every time Scott Morrison has made a choice, he’s chosen big business and millionaires over everyone else.


“No matter who Liberal make leader, it’s their policies and agenda that is bad for Bendigo and Central Victorians.


“We need a different Government.


“Labor is working hard on our plan to deliver a fair go for all Australians – by protecting Medicare, stopping the Liberals’ cuts to hospitals, fully funding our schools and restoring penalty rates,” Ms Chesters said.