Centrelink cuts will hurt many

Federal Member Elect for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters, said today that the Abbott Government's jobs cuts to Centrelink will hurt everyone and show the new government doesn't care about ordinary people.

"Local people losing their jobs is the most obvious and immediate impact of this decision.  These workers and their families now face an uncertain future,” Ms Chesters said.

"However, a reduction in Centrelink staff levels in Bendigo and across the nation will also have a huge effect on the people in our community relying on Centrelink Services."

"I have no doubt that these jobs cuts will lead to increased waiting times and deteriorating support for a broad section of the Bendigo and Central Victorian community. Everyone from pensioners to parents receiving childcare payments to students on youth allowance will be affected by these job cuts."

“People using Centrelink phone services can expect a return of 60 to 90 minutes waits just as we saw before the relief staff was employed. That's not fair on the staff left behind and the numerous individuals and families relying on Centrelink services."

“It is not acceptable that thousands of people living in the Bendigo region who rely on Centrelink payments to survive are being forced to use an overstretched and under-funded service."

“I believe that Centrelink should have a stable, highly-skilled workforce of permanent employees."