Chesters announces $13,000 Discovery Centre Grant

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters MP was today excited to announce a $13,000 Stronger Communities grant for a new Bendigo Discovery Centre "Minibeast" Exhibition.

The Discovery Centre sought funding for a “Minibeasts at Discovery” project which will expand their interactive exhibition to include a themed zone where visitors will be able to explore and interact with Australian invertebrates.

"The Discovery Centre now has the green light to complete the new "Minibeast" exhibition and I look forward it's' unveiling,"  Ms Chesters said.

"I am a big fan of the Discovery Centre and I believe school students will love this new interactive exhibition. It will help spark on interest in science for local students and will be a great asset for The Discovery Centre.

"This is an exciting project. It is one of ten that I have recommended to the Department of Infrastructure to be funded as part of the Federal Government Stronger Communities Programme. I hope to see all the projects funded soon.”

Discovery Science and Technology Centre general manager Jonathan Ridnell said they were excited to receive Stronger Communities funding for Minibeasts.

“It puts icing on the school holiday program cake,” he said

“We usually find these amazing creatures, we instinctively reach for the bug spray or a big boot to squash them. But when we learn about their world, and what they do for us humans, perhaps we won’t be so ready to kill Minibeasts on site.
“We will use the money to include a microscope to look at Minibeasts up close, and a presentation on all the icky, sticky and explosive ways insects hunt each other and defend themselves.”

Minibeasts creator David Holmes thought “for a long time we’ve had a lonely giant ant at the Discovery Centre, and we thought what better way for it to take centre stage than to be the pinup for a Minibeasts invertebrates program – highlighting insects, spiders, bugs and creepy crawlies.”