Chesters calls on PM to back his words on jobs for Bendigo

Federal Member for Bendigo today called on the Prime Minister to revise his Government's plan to axe 50 local jobs given his claim today in Parliament that he wanted "more jobs for Bendigo."

The Prime Minister made the commitment whilst answering a question from the Federal Member for Bendigo "can the PM explain exactly how a broadened GST will increase jobs?" 

"If the PM commits to keeping these jobs, his claim for wanting “more jobs and more growth” for Bendigo might seem less insincere,” said Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters MP. 

“The “in-sourcing” of over 50 Department of Education jobs from Bendigo’s Serco call-centre is yet another round of Federal Government job cuts to hit our electorate since the Liberals came to power. 

“For the Prime Minister to declare in Parliament today that he wants more jobs for Bendigo while local Serco workers are coming to terms with being unemployed in the new year demonstrates he either has no idea about what's going on in Bendigo or empty rhetoric.  

“We are talking about between 50 and 60 locals who have lost their job because of this Government. So for Mr Turnbull to stand there and claim his Government cares about jobs for Bendigo is a joke. 

“If Malcolm Turnbull is sincere about wanting “more jobs and more growth” for Bendigo he needs to reverse the decision to cease using the Bendigo-based Serco call-centre or at the very least guarantee future work for these workers in Bendigo. 

“What’s more, the Prime Minister once again failed to rule out increasing and broadening the GST and even conceded lower income families would be hardest hit. 

“Shockingly, research released this week shows some Bendigo households are spending more than 50 per cent of their income on rent alone. Job losses and a hike in the GST are just more signs this government is out of touch. 

“Getting rid of jobs and threatening to increase the GST is not going to convince the people of Bendigo that Prime Minister Turnbull and his government have any interested in creating jobs or growth for our town,” said Ms Chesters.