Chesters issues the Minister for Defence a please explain

Lisa Chesters MP asked the Minister for Defence in Parliament today why a government contract awarded to Bendigo's Australian Defence Apparel will see most of the work done overseas.

Ms Chesters called the Government out on their decision to award the Land 125 Phase 3B contract to ADA, but with terms to subcontract the construction of the apparel to a company in Vietnam.

“In my speech today, I called on the Minister for Defence to explain why this important work has gone overseas,” Ms Chesters said.

“I also called on the Minister for Industry to explain why the government misled the people of Bendigo in their original announcement made on August 28.

“This is a missed opportunity by this government to create more jobs in regional Australia. Instead, this government has created more jobs for a subcontractor in Vietnam.

“People in Bendigo have the right to be disappointed, and they are disappointed.

“I am extremely disappointed that the government has chosen a cheaper manufacturer overseas as opposed to a high-quality Australian manufacturer.

“Most Australians agree that taxpayers' dollars should be spent on defence materials manufactured in Australia, supporting local businesses and securing local jobs.”

In Ms Chesters’ speech today, she also acknowledged the “hard work of the facility, which has a proud history of manufacturing products for our defence services”.

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