Chesters returns to Canberra to secure Airport contract

As Federal Parliament resumes for 2022, Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters is in Canberra to focus on securing the Bendigo Airport terminal upgrade contract.

“After years of lobbying for this important project, I was disappointed to learn that despite saying they’d fund the upgrades, the Morrison Government have not actually signed any contracts and the funds are yet to be seen,” Chesters said.

“As always with this government, the devil is in the detail.”

This Federal Government are all talk and no action. The Bendigo electorate deserves better.

The Liberals have had five years to fund this project and they’ve failed to get it done.

Now, on the eve of an election, they’ve committed to this project but nothing official has been secured

“The Morrison Government must sign a contract and hand over funding to the City of Greater Bendigo immediately,” Chesters said.

“The Bendigo Airport Terminal upgrade will create jobs, bring more people to our region, and drive economic growth.”

Chesters’ list of priorities for the region also includes tackling the GP shortage, access to RATs, reform in the aged care sector and upgrades to sporting facilities.

“It may seem like a lifetime ago, but I also haven’t forgotten the sports rorts saga, which still hasn’t been resolved.

“Local sporting clubs, like the Kyneton Soccer Club, missed out on their fair share and I will continue to fight for them.

“The Bendigo electorate needs a strong voice in Parliament.

“I’m proud to be that voice and will keep fighting for Bendigo,” Chesters said.