Chesters slams youth unemployment plan

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s plan to force young job seekers to apply for 40 jobs a month is counter-productive, cruel and unnecessary.

Lisa Chesters MP today said forcing jobseekers to apply for over 40 jobs a month, even when they are not receiving any support payments for six months at a time, would not help young people find secure work.

“My question for Tony Abbott is - where are the jobs these people are meant to be applying for?

“In regional areas like Bendigo especially, this proposal is just ludicrous.

“In return for receiving support, of course young people should complete certain duties and look for work.

“But to force someone who is receiving absolutely no government support to apply for 40 jobs every four weeks is counter-productive, cruel and unnecessary.”

Ms Chesters said there was a lack of secure, entry-level youth employment opportunities in central Victoria.

“Jobseekers don’t need another meaningless lecture from their Prime Minister – they need jobs.

“This Government should focus on creating new jobs, not burdening young people with arbitrary application requirements.

“I call on the government to come up with a jobs’ plan for Australia, particularly for regional areas. Only then will we be able to tackle youth unemployment.”