Chesters speaks out over missed opportunity for Bendigo jobs

Lisa Chesters MP has described the terms of the Australian Government’s $170 million LAND 125 project as “disappointing”.

It now appears only one third of this contract has been awarded to ADA who has a manufacturing facility in Bendigo.

Further, the materials required for this new contract will not be made in Bendigo or Australia. Ms Chesters has been advised that the manufacturing of the personal protective equipment will occur overseas.

"The Liberal Government’s original announcement was misleading. We have the right to be outraged and disappointed at the actual terms of this new contract."

Ms Chesters said it was extremely disappointing that the Government have chosen the cheaper, manufactured overseas option as opposed to the high quality Australian made option.

“This is a new contract for new materials and therefore, will not affect any of the existing jobs at the Bendigo ADA manufacturing facility. Our local facility will continue to manufacture ADF personnel uniforms.

"It's a missed opportunity to create new manufacturing jobs in our region.

“Most Australians would agree that their tax-paying dollars should be spent on defence materials manufactured in Australia, supporting local businesses and securing local jobs.

“The Government promised that it would create 1 million jobs in Australia and it’s hard to see how it will reach this target given how it handles its defence manufacturing contracts. This will be just another broken promise from this government.”