Chesters unveils new ventilation fans at Golden Square Fire Brigade

The Golden Square Fire Brigade has upgraded their ventilation fans, thanks to $15,900 from the federal government’s Stronger Communities Programme.

The positive pressure ventilation fan replaces the petrol fueled fans, reducing the brigades carbon footprint and providing a safer, lighter product for firefighters.

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters has visited the brigade, to learn more about the new equipment.

“I commend the work if the Golden Square Fire Brigade on their application,” Chesters said.

“It’s fantastic to know that these fans are now available for use by around 50 brigades in the region during structure fires.

“It’s a practical piece of equipment and will service the community when we need it the most.

The Golden Square Fire Brigade is one of 13 Central Victorian organisations who have received a total of $150,000. 

“The Stronger Communities programme is an exciting opportunity for our invaluable community organisations and offers support to regional infrastructure, programs and events.” Chesters said.

“There really is a shortfall in funding available in our communities for small capital works projects, so this funding announcement is particularly exciting for Central Victorians..

“It's vital that our Government demonstrate strong commitment to supporting regional infrastructure, programs and events.”