Chesters welcomes BDAC Men’s Shed funding

Lisa Chesters MP congratulates Bendigo District Aboriginal Co-op on their successful grant application of $10,000 from the Federal Government’s Stronger Communities Programme.

The Bendigo District Aboriginal Co-op used this grant to finalise capital works that allowed the completion and subsequent opening of the Djaambil Men’s Shed.

BDAC is one of 13 local organisations who have received a total of $150,000 through the program, to be put towards $536,250 worth of community-based projects.

Ms Chesters said the project was an extremely worthy recipient of a Bendigo Electorate Stronger Communities grant.

“This Men’s Shed is vital for the indigenous men of Bendigo and Central Victoria to have a dedicated space where they can engage with each other and participate in a broad range of activities that include the making of traditional artefacts, general wood work and community projects.

The newly established men’s shed will also play an integral part BDAC’s home care programs which involves engaging children who are separated from their fathers.

“The Djaambil Men’s Shed space will ensure that children will have an opportunity to have supervised visits with their fathers and they can together undertake meaningful activities in a culturally safe environment.

“By providing a meeting space for men and youth to catch up this will guarantee that men’s culture and issues will come first. It will allow the indigenous community to undertake activities together and hold focus group discussions about future directions for the community in a culturally safe space.

“It is imperative we continue to foster and grow our indigenous community in Bendigo as culture truly helps to support and build a stronger community bond.

“It's vital that our Federal Government demonstrates strong commitment to supporting community infrastructure like the Djaambil Men’s Shed,” said Ms Chesters.

The Stronger Communities Programme funds small capital projects in local communities which will deliver social benefits.

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