Climate change already affecting Australia’s weather

Climate change is already having an effect around the world, with more extreme weather being reported every day, Labor candidate for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters, said today.

“On World Environment Day it’s important to remind ourselves that Australia’s weather is already changing as the climate warms up,” Ms Chesters said.

“A report in April from the Climate Commission confirmed that global warming is increasing the impact of extreme weather events on people, property, communities and the environment, and this highlights the need to take effective action on climate change.”

Ms Chesters said the global climate is known to be warmer and wetter than it was 50 years ago, and this is increasing the intensity and frequency extreme weather.

“Only strong preventative action now and in the coming years can halt the trend of increasing extreme weather events for our children and grandchildren,” she said.

“The world is already moving to tackle climate change, with the 90 countries that produce 90 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions already committed to reducing them. The world’s biggest emitter, China, has just announced a cap on its greenhouse gas emissions and is about to introduce an emissions trading scheme.”

“As the 15th largest emitter in the world, Australia is playing its part through Labor’s carbon pricing scheme and other measures.”

“However, even more substantial action will be required if we are to stabilise the climate by the second half of the century. Global greenhouse gas emissions must be severely cut by 2050, and Australia has an important role to play in this.”

“Labor accepts the science of climate change. We understand that effective action is required to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and that it is cheaper and better to do this now.”