Doctors Visit Costs are Sky High Under the Liberals

Official new data confirms what people in the Bendigo electorate already know – that health costs have never been higher than under Scott Morrison.

The Government’s own Health Department has revealed to the Senate that people in Bendigo pay an average out-of-pocket fee of $30.61 to see a GP.

This is a record high – up $5.53 or 22% since the Liberals were elected.

The Health Department has also contradicted the Government’s claims on bulk billing, admitting that 42.4% of patients in Bendigo have to pay to see a GP.

Specialist out-of-pocket fees are also at record highs, with people in Bendigo paying an average $76.30 to see a specialist– up a staggering $28.28 or 59% under the Coalition.

With just 22.5% of people in Bendigo always bulk billed by specialists, these costs hit thousands of locals every year.

These new figures are a damning indictment of the Coalition’s record of cuts and neglect in health.

“Many local residents have contacted my office to raise concerns over the health system in Bendigo,” said Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters.

“For families, or people who need to visit the doctor frequently, these costs add up.

“It’s not surprising that local GPs have had to increase fees.

“The costs of running services have continued to increase, yet the Medicare payments GPs receive have been frozen for many years.

“The Liberals’ Medicare freeze has forced GPs to increase fees for many of their patients,” said Chesters.

“After the Liberals tried and failed to impose a GP Tax, they introduced the Medicare freeze – a GP Tax-by-stealth”, said Shadow Health Minister Chris Bowen.

“Scott Morrison extended the freeze as Treasurer, leading directly to the out-of-pocket costs that people in Bendigo face today,” he said. 

Health costs have never been higher than under Scott Morrison.