Fairer School Funding Campaign

Tomorrow, Labor Candidate for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters will launch the ‘Bendigo supports Fairer Funding for Bendigo Schools’ campaign in the Hargreaves Mall at 9:30am.

The Federal Labor government has put on the table millions of dollars for Bendigo schools that deserve and need this funding to help ensure our kids get the best education for the best start in life.

Right now, the Liberal State Government and Federal Opposition are refusing to back the plan.

Under Labor's National Plan for School Improvement, Victorian schools would benefit from an extra $4 billion, or about $1.8 million per school on average, over the next six years. With 1 in 12 students not reaching minimum education standards, this is money that Bendigo schools need, and need right now.

Under Labor's plan all schools would be funded through a fairer system which is based on the needs of individual students and provides extra, targeted support for schools and students that need it most.

Liberal State Premier Denis Napthine’s decision not to invest in education is devastating for Central Victorian schools, parents and children.

Instead of putting Victorian schools first, Denis Napthine has turned his back on our students and resorted to slashing vital education funding.

That’s why we're launching this campaign.

We are calling on Premier Napthine to follow the example of his NSW colleague, Premier Barry O’Farrell, and sign up to our plan to deliver a better deal for Victorian schools.

The Federal Government has put a fair deal on the table for Mr Napthine – offering to invest two dollars for every extra one dollar they put in. This would ensure all schools get the funding they need to deliver the best education.

Now it is up to everyone in Bendigo to get behind this campaign and demonstrate to the State and Federal Liberals that we support the National Plan for School Improvement and that Bendigo wants the funding that is on the table for our schools.

An online petition supporting the plan can be signed by visiting my Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/lisachestersbendigo and clicking the link.