Federal Budget disappoints (again)

Central Victorians have been hit with another disappointing Federal budget that fails to create new local jobs and continues the Abbott Government’s cruel cuts regime.

“Tonight’s Budget has more tax, more debt and higher unemployment. This Budget is fundamentally unfair and disappointing. 

“Tonight was an opportunity to repair some of the damage done by last year’s shocker budget but instead the Liberal Government failed to reverse some of the cruel cuts and failed to create new jobs. 

“Here in Bendigo youth unemployment has hit 18.2% since Mr Hockey’s last Budget. If this Government was serious about tackling youth unemployment, tonight’s budget would have focused on job creation. 

“There is funding for work experience programmes to assist young people in regions of high youth unemployment. But Bendigo and Central Victoria did not make the list and once again it is our young people who miss out. 

“In this Budget the Government has put local defence manufacturing jobs at risk by making significant changes to the Defence portfolio. The Abbott Government has confirmed its intention to shake up Defence procurement by disbanding and transferring the Defence Materiel Organisation’s core responsibilities to the Department of Defence. 

“This period of transition and uncertainty could negatively impact our local defence manufacturing industry jobs.” 

Ms Chesters said the last Budget’s massive cuts to Central Victorian hospitals and schools are still in this budget. Schools in the Bendigo electorate are still roughly $200 million worse off. 

Ms Chesters said savage cuts to paid parental leave meant a significant number of new parents in Bendigo would be worse off. 

“Older Central Victorians need certainty, pensioners need certainty, but this Budget delivers more confusion and anxiety. 

 “Once again it is those who are already doing it tough in our community who will pay for this Budget – families, the aged pensioners and the unemployed. 

 “There is a very small amount of funding of $150,000 for local community projects but this is a token gesture and will not begin to fund the projects Mr Abbott is suggesting.

“I fear this sprinkling of sugar is just an attempt to mask the bitter taste of another bad budget.

“More taxes, more cuts, more disappointment for Bendigo and central Victorians – that’s another Federal Liberal Budget.”