Federal Member for Bendigo says Liberal Budget is another shocker!

“This is a budget that looks after the top end of town by favouring the residents and businesses of inner city Melbourne and Sydney rather than the people of Bendigo and Central Victoria,” said Lisa Chesters, Federal Member for Bendigo.

“When it comes to the big ticket budget items, Bendigo and Central Victorian workers, businesses and their families miss out.

“This budget confirms that the Liberal Government is choosing not to prioritise our local schools, hospitals, workers and their families. Instead, the Liberal Government is prioritising big businesses and millionaires,” said Ms Chesters.

On Tax: Bendigo workers miss out

Almost 85% of Bendigo workers will miss out on an income tax cut because they earn less than $80,000 per year.

Meanwhile, people who earn more than $300,000 per year will receive at least a $2600 tax cut. People who earn $1 million per year will receive at least a $16,000 tax cut.

There are very few people in the Bendigo electorate who earn that kind of money. The majority of top income earners live in inner city Melbourne and Sydney, just like the Prime Minister, Malcom Turnbull. It’s unfair to give tax cuts to those at the top rather than every worker.

On School funding: Bendigo Schools miss out

Only a fraction of the school needs based funding that was cut from the 2014 and 2015 Federal budgets has been restored. This will negatively affect our local Catholic, Independent and State Schools

The choice at this election is clear: Labor’s plan to invest $3.5 billion more in schools by 2020 and $36 billion more over the decade.

That’s an extra $200million for Bendigo and Central Victorian schools. Or the Liberals’ cuts.

There is no new money for La Trobe University Bendigo campus

The shocking 2014 Federal Government Budget funding cut to universities will continue.

On local Infrastructure funding: Bendigo misses out

There is no new money in the budget for the regional infrastructure funding programs like Stronger Regions and it’s also unclear if the Government will continue with the current round.

Local Governments and organisations have submitted funding applications worth close to $50 million to the Stronger Regions Round 3. It’s a competitive tender process but funding depends on this Government continuing with this round.

Changes to the definition of what is a "small business" is just outrageous

The Government proposes to change the definition of small business to include businesses with a turnover of up to one billion dollars. First, the Government will lift the threshold to under $1million in turnover but it doesn’t stop there. Within a few years, the definition of small business will be lifted to less than $1 billion dollars.

Only a Liberal Government would consider a turnover of one billion dollars a 'small business' and offer them the same tax rates as real small businesses. What a joke!

Over all, Bendigo misses out says Ms Chesters

“In fact, from what I heard last night it appears that the people of Bendigo and Central Victoria have been completely overlooked by Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition Government.

“I am sure that Liberal and National MPs and Senators will try and tell us otherwise. But we’re not fools, and we know that this Federal Budget is another shocker!

“It attacks young people, pensioners, families and the most vulnerable in our community. This is not the Australia we want,” said Ms Chesters.