From 21 to 8 - Liberal's legacy continued as humanities and social sciences staff slashed

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters has called on Scott Morrison to stop the devastating job losses at La Trobe Bendigo, after it was revealed today that the proposed job cuts to the Humanities and Social Science department will go ahead. 

In 2014, the Humanities and Social Science faculty at Bendigo La Trobe had 21 staff. As a result of the latest restructure there will be eight staff remaining. That means, that almost two thirds of staff in this area have been lost since 2014 from redundancies, resignations and retirements. 

“It is heartbreaking news that more staff at Bendigo La Trobe will lose their jobs,” Ms Chesters said.

Since 2014, student numbers in the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty have dropped by almost two thirds.

“Over the eight long years of Liberal governments, student numbers in Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe have plummeted.”

This is a direct result of bad decisions and bad policies implemented by successive Liberal governments. The true impact of slashed funding, as well as the tripling of costs for arts and humanities degrees are now being realised.

For someone doing humanities, the cost of their contribution to their degree is now almost exactly equal to the cost of teaching the degree.

“Scott Morrison just doesn’t care about our universities. His government has sustained the attacks on universities which have been a shameful legacy of the Liberal party. Regional universities, like Bendigo La Trobe, now have to pick up the pieces of less funding, less staff and fewer students.

“This is all in the shadow of a devastating pandemic, where highly trained workers will be vital to a strong recovery.”

“How can our Universities drive a national economic recovery if they are being drained of expertise and talent?”, Ms Chesters said.