Labor remains committed to the original Gonski needs-based funding

Every student in the Bendigo electorate deserves a quality learning environment and I believe this can only be achieved through the full roll out of the original needs-based Gonski funding reforms.

The Liberal National Government’s new funding arrangement for schools is not “needs-based” and in fact all Bendigo electorate public and Catholic schools are worse off under this funding model. 


Not all communities, families and therefore, schools are equal. There are significant pockets of disadvantage across Bendigo where parents and carers are struggling to buy uniforms and provide lunches for their children to attend school. Their ability to pay any form of school fee is non-existent.

Rural and regional areas, and children from lower socio-economic backgrounds, are shown to have poorer educational outcomes. The original needs-based Gonski funding reforms sought to address inequality by directing resources to the greatest areas of need.

Properly funding Bendigo electorate schools is critical if we want to ensure every student gets the quality learning experience they deserve.

The Liberal's plan for school funding is not needs-based.  

As your local Federal Member, I will campaign for the original school funding agreements made with the Victorian State Government and Catholic Education sector.  

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