Government Should Rewrite Plan for Higher Education this Budget

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters is calling on the Morrison Government to scrap their higher education package and release a new plan in the upcoming budget.

“The hard truth is that many Central Victorians will miss out on university altogether and fees for some degrees will double under the changes announced by the Liberals,” Chesters said.

“The Liberal Government must stop the price hikes and cuts to the higher education sector,” Chesters said.

“Access to higher education should be based on marks and merit, not money.

The ‘Jobs-Ready Graduate Package’ proposes to reduce the overall government contribution to degrees from 58% to 52%.

They also want to dramatically increase the fees for some courses including humanities.

For decades, students have had to pay for part of their uni course but Scott Morrison wants to make the next generation of students pay more than any other generation. 

“After all the Liberals’ cuts, after all the young people who have missed out on uni - and now the recession - this plan doesn’t give our young people the opportunities they deserve,” Chesters said.

“Young people have been hit particularly hard by this recession, and the Liberals are leaving them behind again. 

“Youth unemployment’s gone through the roof in this recession. About one in six young people can’t find work, the worst situation in 20 years.”

In the Bendigo electorate, youth unemployment was at 18.2% in July compared to 13.5% in March.  

“If young people can’t earn, they should have the opportunity to learn. But many of them won’t be able to go uni because the Government’s not providing enough places,” Chesters said.

Labor believes that if you get the marks you should get the opportunity to go to uni - simple as that.