Introductory Media Statement

Newly endorsed Labor candidate, Lisa Chesters, today said she is honoured and excited to have the opportunity to represent the party in the Federal seat of Bendigo.

“I will be working hard to ensure that Labor retains this seat and continues to represent the interests of all constituents in the Federal Parliament,” she said.

“As the longest serving member for this electorate, Steve Gibbons has followed Labor’s proud tradition of fighting for local people on local issues and I intend to continue that legacy.”

Ms Chesters said that Federal Labor has protected Australia from the worst effects of the global economic crisis, while continuing to invest in education, healthcare and other essential government services.

"I believe it’s important that Bendigo has a strong Labor representative in Canberra to support Central Victorians and continue to build on the many achievements of Federal Labor."

“The Gillard Labor Government has been working steadily to improve the welfare and well being of all Australians and I will be doing all I can to ensure that this continues after the next election.”