Labor's Budget Reply is Better for Bendigo

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters said Labor’s budget reply last night is better for the people of Bendigo than the Budget plan put forward by the Liberal’s.

“Last night, Bill Shorten announced the most important investment in Medicare since Bob Hawke created it.”

Labor will invest $2.3 billion to slash out-of-pocket costs for cancer patients.

“Last year I had my own scare with cancer and last month I paid my final out of pocket bill - it was over $1000 and I’m lucky I can afford it, many others can’t. This plan will save lives.”

“Labor will also offer the same or better tax cuts for 10 million working Australians, this time looking after people in the Bendigo electorate who earn less than $40,000 who will receive a $350 tax cut.”

“How is it fair that under the Liberal Government, a working mum on $35,000 will receive a tax cut of $5 a week, while a banker on $200,000 a year will receive a tax cut of $11,640 a year?”

“Labor will invest in TAFE, to rebuild campuses and restore the 150 000 apprenticeships that have been lost under the Liberals.”

If elected later this year, Labor will also enable 100,000 students to go to TAFE without upfront fees.

“We saw the same Liberal budget on Tuesday as we’ve seen in the past, with a few cash bribes thrown in to win votes.”

Labor will pay for our promises by making multinationals pay their fair share and closing tax loopholes used by the top end of town.

“We saw the same cuts to schools; same cuts to hospitals, same promises made and they will likely be broken.”

Labor will restore these cuts, we’ll invest $22 million into Central Victorian schools and almost $6 million into Central Victorian hospitals.

“An election will be called any day now and Labor is ready to deliver a fair go for all Australians.“

“I’m spending time on the ground and meeting with as many people in the electorate as I can, I want to deliver the best possible outcome for Central Victorians,” Chesters said.

“I will be making further announcements for Bendigo once the Federal election is called.”