Labor's Fair Work Taskforce to hold hearings in the NT this week

The need for jobs Territorians can count on is expected to dominate hearings in the Northern Territory this week as Labor's Fair Work Taskforce moves to the Top End.

Veteran local MP, Warren Snowdon; NT Senator, Nova Peris and Chair of the Taskforce, Lisa Chesters MP, will hear directly from workers, employers, unions, industry groups and stakeholders about local workplace issues.

The NT is not immune to unemployment and underemployment, and local workers fear the Abbott Government's plan to open up visa arrangements will cost them their jobs.

The Taskforce also expects to hear about the devastating impact potential cuts to penalty rates and the minimum wage will have on families and their household budgets.

NT nurses, cleaners, retail and hospitality workers are worried if Tony Abbott gets his way he will cut both penalty rates and the minimum wage.

This week's NT Hearings are part of the Taskforce’s on-going tour across the country.

Labor established the Fair Work Taskforce to give Australians the chance to speak out about how the Abbott Government’s attack on jobs, wages and conditions will hurt them, their families and their community.

The Government's Productivity Commission Review, which has put working conditions on the table - including penalty rates and the minimum wage – has released its interim report.

It is typical for a Liberal Government that this interim report has been released without consulting a single worker.

This Government’s dishonesty and incompetence are hurting Australians, hurting the economy, hurting jobs and hurting the most vulnerable job-seekers.

Meanwhile, Labor will continue to consult, engage and listen to Australian workers, employers, industry groups, unions and other key stakeholders.

Labor believes in a workplace relations system that provides real job opportunities, a strong safety net, drives productivity and delivers a strong economic future to advance Australia.