Labor's Schoolkids Bonus survives

LABOR’S Schoolkids Bonus for Australian families has survived the first session of Parliament of the new Abbott Government.

About 10,000 low and middle income central Victorian families of school-aged children will receive the first instalment of the Schoolkids Bonus in January.

Under Labor’s Schoolkids Bonus, eligible families received two yearly instalments of $205 for each child in primary school, and $410 for each child in high school.

The Coalition Government’s repeal of the bonus was attached to the Mining Rent Resource Repeal Tax Bill, and the legislation did not pass through the Senate before Parliament ended for the year on Thursday.

Ms Chesters said while it was a win for families, it was likely to be the last payment of the Schookids Bonus.

“The Schoolkids Bonus was put in by the former Labor Government to help local parents to make ends meet,” she said.

“The start of the new school year can be difficult for families with kids in school. With new uniforms, textbooks and school excursions to pay for, the costs can pile up pretty quickly.

“I know a lot of central Victorian families will be very pleased the first instalment of the Schoolkids Bonus will be paid in January.

“However, it is a disappointing reality that the Coalition Government will look to remove it when Parliament reconvenes early next year.”

Ms Chesters said the repeal of the Schoolkids Bonus showed how out-of-touch the Coalition Government was with families.

“Bendigo families that are already doing it tough will find it very difficult to find the extra money for the many things they need for their children’s education,” she said.

“This is a savage cut from a Government that is showing very early on it clearly doesn’t care about Bendigo families or our children’s’ education."