Labor support for university students

Federal Labor Candidate for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters, said today that the Federal Labor Government understands times are tough for some university students and is working hard help students tackle the cost of study.

Since coming to office, the Federal Labor Government has introduced a number of key measures to help support more students from Bendigo and the region to attend university.

These measures include:

• Relocation Scholarships, which are especially beneficial for those from rural and regional areas, to help students who move away from home to attend university.

• An overhaul of Youth Allowance requirements which gives more students from the Bendigo region access to payments and increased payments for many of those already in receipt of Youth Allowance.

• Increasing the amount students can earn per fortnight without reducing their Youth Allowance payments.

• Tripling the tax free threshold to $18,200 per year so that many students don’t pay any tax on their earnings, therefore increasing their take home pay.

"I know what it's like," said Ms Chesters. "I had to move away from home to go to university and it was tough. I supported myself through university by working as a cleaner and in hospitality to make ends meet."

"The day I graduated, one of the reasons I was excited was because it meant I also graduated from poverty and was able to earn a living wage" 

"I acknowledge there is always room for improvement. I am keen to meet with the Bendigo Student Association and individual Bendigo students to discuss how." said Ms Chesters