Lack of substance in Liberal’s rhetoric

Labor candidate for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters, today slammed the Liberal Party’s latest announcement to reduce red and green tape as nothing but confused rhetoric and spin.

The Liberal candidate has proposed a dedicated unit within every Federal Government department to coordinate the reduction of red tape.

"The Liberal party seems to be proposing to ‘cut back on bureaucracy’ by creating more bureaucracy,” Ms Chesters said.

“From talking to local small businesses, I understand there is concern about some of the overlap between different jurisdictions. What is needed is a co-ordinated approach between local, state and federal governments to reduce the overlap between different jurisdictions."

"A few months ago the Liberal party proposed to sack 12,000 public servants."

"In Bendigo and Central Victoria, job cuts to the public sector would threaten the delivery of services from agencies such as Centrelink and Medicare without improving efficiency."

The Federal Labor Government is getting the balance right. Australia is one of the strongest economies in the world – low unemployment, low debt and a AAA rating from all three major ratings agencies.

With challenging conditions continuing in the global economy, we need a responsible Government that does not frame everything as a crisis, one that has the track record and the policies to ensure continued growth."

"In Bendigo and Central Victoria, our largest employers are Health Care and Social Assistance, Retail Trade and Manufacturing. Emerging growth industries include Education and Training and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services."

"To continue to grow, we need practical differences that will make a change, like government purchases of goods and services made in our region and support for businesses to become more sustainable."

“Yet again, we see more rhetoric from the local Liberal Party and a lack of detail or vision about how it plans to help build business confidence or any ideas on how we can grow our local economy,” Ms Chesters said.