Liberals Speak against Australia Post motion

FEDERAL Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters today slammed Liberal MPs for speaking against a motion calling for a more reliable Australia Post service in regional areas.

The motion currently debated in Parliament notes that Australia Post, as per its Community Service Obligations, is required to achieve timely mail deliveries in all parts of Australia, not just the major capital cities.

It also notes that residents in regional towns and cities across Australia are not receiving mail for up to six days due to insufficient staff at regional mail centres.

Several Liberal MPs have spoken against the motion.

“It shows they don't care about Bendigo or regional Victoria and are focused on Melbourne and Sydney,” Ms Chesters said.

“It shows they don't understand that cutting regional mail service will disadvantage Bendigo families, businesses and our economy.”

Ms Chesters said people living in regional areas deserved the same service as their city counterparts.

“We should remember that Australia Post is 100 per cent owned by Australian taxpayers. It is our business that we own.

“One-third of taxpayers live in regional Australia.

“Do they not deserve the same postal service as taxpayers who live in the city?”

Ms Chesters said a reliable postal service is a vital part of Bendigo’s infrastructure.

“Right now, Bendigo is booming. We have economic growth. It is a vibrant region with a proud history and an exciting future.

“However, this growth will be under threat if we continue to lose core services. I put Australia Post in the category of core services.

“Changes to the current next-day delivery regime will see businesses and households in the Bendigo electorate get a lesser service - a second-rate service - than their city counterparts get from Australia Post.”