New figures released by the Federal Labor Government show that 25,800 workers in Bendigo electorate will be slugged by Tony Abbott’s plan to reimpose a 15% superannuation tax on low income and part-time workers.

The figures released today also reveal that shop assistants, hospitality workers and cleaners will be hardest hit.

Federal Labor candidate for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters, said an average of 57 percent of all food preparation assistants and 53 percent of all checkout operators would also be worse off.

“Tony Abbott’s planned super tax slug will slash the retirement savings of 25,800 low-income workers in our local area – the majority of whom are women”, Ms Chesters said.

“Disturbingly, the figures show about a third of hospitality and childcare workers, as well as large segments of other occupations, will suffer from the Coalition policy.

“This is a targeted attack on some of the poorest people in the electorate, whose retirement savings are now not assured.”

Ms Chesters also revealed the following postcodes in Bendigo will be the worst hit by the Coalition’s retrograde, policy:

Post Code: 3550 (Bendigo) = 6950 individuals 
Post Code: 3551 (Strathfieldsaye) = 4080 individuals
Post Code: 3555 (Kangaroo Flat - Golden Square) = 3245 individuals
Post Code: 3556 (California Gully – Eaglehawk) = 2060 individuals

“Labor has been the champion of superannuation for over 20 years, since we first introduced it for all workers,” Ms Chesters said.

“The Federal Labor Government is focused on ensuring our policies see that hard working Australians have enough to retire on, particularly those on low-incomes or part-time workers.

“In contrast, Mr Abbott’s plan is to rip away up to $500 per year from the hands of those Australians who need it most.

Ms Chesters said the Low Income Superannuation Contribution (LISC) delivers up to $500 into the superannuation accounts of 3.6 million Australians earning up to $37,000 a year.

“I know how hard hospitality staff and cleaners work because I have been a cleaner and hospitality worker.”

“Further, I have devoted the last eight years of my working life to representing and standing up for these workers and their families, making sure they get a fair go”.

“It worries me that all the gains made for these workers in the last few years are under threat”