LPOs not compensated for sorting mail

Bendigo’s Licensed Post Offices are now being forced to sort local mail after Bendigo’s sorting machine was taken away in March.

Mail sent to postcodes between 3550 and 3556 used to be processed and sorted at the local Bendigo delivery centre for next-day delivery.

Australia Post then put in place changes where local mail was to be sorted at the Deborah Triangle sorting room in Bendigo, with non-local mail sent to Dandenong.

But now owners of Bendigo LPOs have reported to Lisa Chesters MP that they are the ones sorting Bendigo’s local mail.

Ms Chesters said the Bendigo LPOs should be appropriately compensated for their extra work.

“It’s great that Australia Post have come to a solution where local mail is delivered the next day. However, it’s not fair that we are asking the hard-working owners and employees at Bendigo LPOs to take on this extra duty without acceptable financial compensation.

“I was shocked when I heard from local LPO owners that this was happening. It’s just wrong to replace people being paid to do a job with people not being paid to do a job.”

Ms Chesters said she would continue to work with LPOs, Australia Post and the Communications Workers Union to find a better solution.

“I think all stakeholders need to work constructively together to work out how to balance Australia Post’s community service obligations with a viable business model.

“Cutting regional mail service will disadvantage Bendigo families, businesses and our economy. “However, this shouldn’t at the expense of our hard-working LPOs owners and employees.”